About us

Cobaso was founded in 2007 to provide coffee proffessionals the latest in high quality parts for espresso coffee machines and grinders. Since then we have continously worked with manufacturers, roasters and coffee distributors and helped develop and test products in the forefront of coffee innovation. In 2018 we started increasing our focus in offering better parts for home coffee machine owners in the United States and beyond. In the last two years our parts have shipped in 28 countries worldwide. We believe coffee lovers should have access to high quality, afordable parts and accessories. We have strict policies on sourcing parts, working with top manufacurers in Italy and the United States. Through years in working with customers and manufacturers we have developed an extensive organisational knowledge base which backs all our support interactions. We strive to offer top class customer support with minutes to answer during business hours and making sure each request is answered within 24 hours.

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