9 facts and benefits about coffee you didn't know

Probably you would go mad even thinking a day without drinking at least one cup of this black energizing magic potion. Here are some facts that you probably didnt know about your favorite, healthy lifestyle, zero calories drink. Black Coffee.

Drinking coffee is probably already a long lasting habit of yours.

Probably you couldn't imagine a day without drinking at least one cup of this black magic liquid. But do you actually know enough about your favorite drink?

These coffee facts are less known and we were curious if you already knew some!

  1. Dark roasted coffee contains less caffeine than light roasted coffee, this while you would think the dark version had more caffeine because of the stronger taste. At the time of the roasting process a part of the caffeine disappears. So usually a stronger taste means less caffeine!
  2. Coffee can make you work out harder. That meaning you'll get more energy from it. But not only you're energy gets boosted your endurance will improve as well. Running will suddenly be much easier!
  3. The ideal time to have a cup of coffee is 10:00am. The best is even to wait an hour or so after waking up before drinking. Your body makes cortisol to wake you up and this means that the caffeine that's in the coffee doesn't work enough when you just woke up.

It is possible to wake up from the smell of coffee.

  1. This was stated in a survey from Seoul National University. Maybe you can get out of bed this time!
  2. Women that drink coffee have less chance on getting a depression. In a survey from Harvard School of Public Health it was shown that the chance on depression decreases with 20 percent to women that drink four or more cups of coffee a day.

It didn't count for caffeine free coffee.

  1. Coffee drinkers have 20 percent less chance on Alzheimer's disease. According to a survey you'd have to drink up to five cups a day. This conclusion was shared on the annual European Alzheimer congress in 2014.
  2. Coffee can prevent erectile dysfunction. The University of Texas investigated the relationship between coffee and this medical problem and they found out that if a man drinks at least two or three cups then erectile dysfunctions can decrease with 42%.
  3. The whole population drinks 500 billion cups of coffee annually. 14 billion of this number are Italian espresso and thats why we offer the Italian made equipments.
  4. Cold brew coffee contains less caffeine than when prepared with heat. So during the summer months when you're in desperate need of a caffeine shot then you could better opt for an iced coffee (not the one with ice cream of course).