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E61 Group service and backflush kit (8.5mm gaskets)

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E61 Group service and backflush kit (8.5mm gaskets)

The 8.5mm E61 gasket will fit most E61 based espresso coffee machines. If you had your machine for some time now, consider thicker gaskets. You can also couple this gasket with paper spacers/shims if you are not sure. If the machine does not have much wear and tear, the 8mm gasket would probably be a great fit.

What's inside?

  • 1 x Urnex Cafiza® cleaning powder
  • 3 x group head gasket
  • 3 x Filterholder gasket
  • 6 x Filterholder paper shim
  • 3 x Shower screen

Customer questions & answers


Will this fit the Expobar Brewtus group head?


The shower screens will fit the Expobar Brewtus. The portafilter gaskets in this kit are 8.5mm tall, which is the midsize for E61 groups and should be a great fit for the Brewtus.


Any group that is similar to E-61 which is used from many manufactures it will do just fine. Expobar an all its machines, manufactured till now use the E-61 group. You might need to know than in case its used a bit(filter holder ears are consumed) than you should take the 8.5 and a paper shim to increase the thicknes more so the filterholder makes good contact and there is no leaks.

Customer reviews

Rated 5 stars

Fast shipping, had all I needed

I got the kit the next day so kudos for the fast shipping. Everything needed was inside. I have a home espresso machine so I am keeping the extra gaskets and showers as spares for the next time.

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